retail and services cabinetry from riceland cabinet

Retail & Services Cabinets by Riceland Cabinet

“Fresh” and “new” are central to a successful retail strategy and are designed into the master plan of every retail outlet. Retail fixtures and cabinets enhance the shopping experience, openly display products, and promote the consumer’s interaction with retail goods. And in high-end and affluent retail environments, fine cabinetry further conveys the quality of the product. You’ll find Riceland Cabinetry displaying countless products, including eyewear, clothing & apparel, footwear, cappuccino, deli foods, groceries, produce, and more.

Additionally, personal service industries are all about the client and making every effort to ensure he or she returns again and again.  Our cabinetry is designed and manufactured to promote comfort for the client and functionality on the part of the service professional. 

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