other commercial cabinetry by riceland cabinet

Other Commercial Cabinets by Riceland Cabinet


Airport terminals, bus stations, and other transportation-related structures are designed to welcome people upon arrival and efficiently move them along to their next destination.  Service centers, registration desks, storage lockers, seating decks, and related cabinetry must be built to withstand heavy & abusive use, humidity, and other conditions.  For that reason, solid materials and robust finishes are essential to ensure the longevity of these elements.  You can trust Riceland Cabinet to manufacture cabinetry and casework that meets and exceeds these objectives.

Churches & Worship Centers

Today’s churches and worship centers include far more than traditional pulpits and accompanying ornate trim. In fact, we are increasingly designing and manufacturing products for reception areas, welcome centers, media centers, libraries, cafes, nurseries, and more.

Though material specifications vary, Riceland Cabinet takes pride in furthering the worship experience and enabling the organization to accomplish their missions.


Closets, lockers, registration desks, and lounges should enhance the recreational experience, be it at the gym, at the golf course, race track, or club house.  Likewise, these pieces must withstand heavy everyday use, wet conditions, humidity, and regular exposure to cleaning materials.  Accordingly, we incorporate Chemsurf laminates, epoxy resin tops, and solid surface materials that stand up to these conditions.

Public & Governmental

With most governmental and public agencies being subjected to increasing pressure to reduce costs, existing facilities are being renovated while new structures maximize space and efficiency as never before.  Contractors and buyers need look no further than Riceland Cabinet. We have a proven record of custom fitting the needs of each job at a reasonable price.  Administrative offices, waiting areas, reception desks, work stations, lunch rooms, court rooms, record storage & filing rooms, and IT centers can be manufactured per specifications.  Likewise, we can match styling of original construction details in renovation projects.

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